Wholesale Genius Overview


4 Shopify stores in one!

Use one Shopify store to sell your products to up to 4 tiers of customers: Retailers, Small Wholesalers (sw), Medium Wholesalers (mw) & Big Wholesalers (bw).


Set discounted prices for products & variants 

You can apply prices either by % discount or set prices on variants directly. Works perfectly either way.



Choose Wholesalers

You get to choose which customers are wholesalers and which retailers. Completely and 100% under your control.


Show different prices for different tiers

Once a customer, marked previously by you as wholesaler, logs into your store, they will see a different price than the retail one.


Stock always synced

Wholesale Genius creates variants for each of your wholesale tiers. The app keeps them in sync at all times so it is hassle free for you as store owner. Simply update your stock within the app and the app will take care of the rest. 


Ready? Start setting up your shop -> 

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